Our world is diverse in so many ways.  Our brains think and perceive the world in diverse ways too.  Some children may see a toy and play with it, others take it apart to see how it works.  Children with neurodevelopmental difference perceive the world in very unique ways – which need to be understood and supported in order for that child to flourish. Neurodiversity Foundation was created to help identify and support neurodiverse children and their families in under-resourced communities with limited access to such services.


Neurodiversity Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports neurodiverse children, their families and neurodiverse individuals who do not have the financial means to obtain appropriate service or support.

Our biggest focus is children who present with early symptoms of problems across different aspects of childhood development.  These include challenges in general development, social skills, language and communication, attention, activity, motor coordination, mood and sleep.  Such children may be diagnosed with conditions on the Autism Spectrum, AD/HD, specific learning disorders or other problems.  Scientists increasingly understand that these types of challenges overlap and that difficulties in one such area predict difficulties in other areas in late years.  Therefore, comprehensive assessment and coordinated interventions are needed to understand and support these children.

Neurodiversity Foundation is the not-for-profit partner of Neurodiversity Centre and is guided by the Gillberg Neuropsychiatry Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden.

We are a registered NPO and PBO ( NPO206-49;PBO930035988) with am 18A TAX clearance status.


Through our services, we empower children and individuals with neurodevelopmental problems to thrive and take their rightful place in society.  

We focus on early detection, providing the correct information and guiding evidence-based interventions and support to these children and their families.



There are many ways in which you can help us make a real difference to a child’s development or an individual’s life.  Our friendly members are happy to assist.

Help us give neurodiverse individuals the gift of being understood- no matter how “different ” they feel they are, any involvement is beneficial to these individuals.