There are numerous ways of getting involved with the Neurodiversity Foundation as there are many platforms which one can use,


You are welcome to leave a charitable gift in your will for the Neurodiversity Foundation.  In this way you will not only change lives positively but will also leave a legacy of hope and support.  Please contact us to obtain more information about how to add a bequest in your will.


The NDF builds positive partnerships with corporates, businesses, trusts and foundations.  Together with this support we are able to literally change a child’s life from being hopeless to having the opportunity to achieve their full potential.  Please contact us to discuss how your company can partner with us.


Did you know that you can have up to 3 beneficiaries on your MySchool card? Sign up or register NDF as your beneficiary and you can help us raise funds as you shop.


 Start a fundraiser of your choice for a special occasion, event or project.  You can raise funds to celebrate your birthday, promise to dye your hair blue if you reach your target, tackle a hiking trail or ask people to contribute in lieu of a wedding gift.  You can get creative and have loads of fun!



We would love to have you, your family, collegues and friends join us at our events and form part of our campaigns.

Contact us to find by clicking on the button below to find out more about our exciting dates planned.


You, your company or a group of friends are welcome to fund or contribute towards a specific project.

Contact us on the button below.


Any individuals or companies that produce or sell products or services, are welcome to donate a % of each selected product / service sale to the NDF.  Alternatively, you can ask your clients to add a R10 to their purchase/account in aid of the NDF.  We would love to partner with you / your company to increase marketing for your product / service and to celebrate changing lives together. Please contact us to discuss this in more detail. (needs hyperlink to open automatic e-mail to

Contact us on the button below and specify PERCENTAGE GIVING  on the contact page.


Our target is to sign up 100 people for a minimum of R50 per month debit order.  Debit order donations enable our organisation to build continuation in our services and projects and every debit order amount forms part of funds we require to operate as a NPO.


Raising a child with neurodiversity is extremely challenging (financially, socially and emotionally) and parents will agree that they require a lot of support on this journey.  Autism is one of the most expensive disabilities to live with, due to the specialized support, assistive devices / products required, and the fact that this is a lifelong condition. 

If parents and families who are privileged in terms of finances and resource struggle with this journey, imagine how difficult it must be for a parent of family who lives in an informal settlement without a stable income, food, electricity or running water.  These parents often do not have any knowledge about autism or neurodiversity and there are no resources in their community who can assist them with a correct diagnosis, services or support. 

The child does not understand why s/he is different, why they don’t think like the other kids or play like the other kids, they struggle to understand the world around them and the people around them and think there is something wrong with themselves.  Most of these children are labelled as naughty, different or unable to learn and they leave school and follow a life of crime, alcohol and drugs. 

Prevalence rates for the autisms have been established in other countries but South Africa lacks accurate prevalence rates for ASD. 

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) found that 1 in 6 (17%) of children aged 3–17 years had a developmental disability.  It is estimated that the South African figures are much higher due to additional impacting factors, such as poverty, violence, malnutrition, lack of resources, alcohol and drug abuse, etc.  Through our research projects we are obtaining valuable statistics and data about neurodiversity in our under-resourced communities, which in turn will lead to accurate planning of services based on the true needs in our communities.

 Every donation helps to change the lives of children – give them hope and give them the chance to realize that they are amazing and not worthless. Thank you very much for enabling us to have such an impact in lives and communities.